Coleshill Cricket Club and Jordans Taverners

The Coleshill Cricket Club Committee is very pleased to announce that the 2017 season will be played at the Jack Adams Field in partnership with Jordans Taverners.

As many of you will know, traditional village cricket is coming under increasing pressure both financially, and from a playing members perspective. Although the last few years have been relatively successful for Coleshill, in order to secure the long-term future of cricket in the Village, we have been looking for a suitable partner with whom we can share resources.

We have now found that partner in Jordans Taverners, a Club we know well, and who currently play friendly, primarily Sunday cricket, at the recreation ground in Seer Green.

The partnership will preserve the identity of both Clubs but we will share playing and ‘administrative resources’ as well as Jordans’ extensive range of ground equipment and coaching aids.

Therefore, throughout the 2017 season, Jordan’s Taverners will play their cricket at our beautiful ground in Coleshill where their players will have the opportunity to play in the Coleshill 1st XI Saturday league team, and Coleshill players will be able to play shorter format, friendly Saturday, Sunday and mid-week cricket with Jordans Taverners. In this way we maximise the use of the ground and the clubhouse, whilst players from both Clubs have far greater flexibility in the type of cricket – and how regularly – they want to play. It is our earnest hope that this partnership will develop into a long-term relationship.

The league season starts at the Jack Adams Field on Saturday 6th May, and we would very much like to welcome you to the Club then, or at some point during the summer. And if you, or anyone you know, would like to play the odd game or two, you would be very welcome indeed!

Stephen Inchbald
Chairman, Coleshill Cricket Club


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