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Announcement: Coleshill CC and Amersham Hill CC


Coleshill Cricket Club, 1956

Sixty years have passed since this photograph was taken. In this time club cricket has changed out of all recognition with the introduction of leagues and 100 over cricket.

Many of our younger colleagues do not have the time to commit to this format and, across the country, many clubs of our size struggle to put out two teams every Saturday.

As you know Coleshill had to withdraw our second XI from the league last month and as a direct result of this we have had approaches from other clubs that are also struggling.

Amersham Hill Cricket Club are unique in that they wish to vacate their ground in Amersham and are short of players to put out two sides. They are, therefore, an excellent fit with Coleshill Cricket Club.

Over the last ten days our respective committees have decided unanimously to approve a merger of our clubs and Heads of Agreement have been signed.

It is intended that the merger will take place on 1st January 2017 and the merged Amersham & Coleshill C. C. will play their cricket at our ground next season thus preserving the game in our village. I hope this new club can continue to enjoy your support.

Stephen Inchbald
Chairman Coleshill C. C.

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